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Meet Goofy, a beautiful Facebook Messenger client for OS X

Almost a year ago we gave you a tip on how to set up additional services in the OS X Messaging application, including Facebook Messenger, for example. There are, however, other cooler and more ready alternatives for those who are not willing to venture through configuration screens. One of them Goofy.

Goofy for OS X

Of course, you can use Facebook Messenger from the browser, but having conversations running in a native OS X application opens up a possibility of options (like chatting with someone while browsing). In addition, an app like these allows the user to receive notifications, message indications in the app icon (in the Dock), offering the same features that we can find in the web version of the messenger (stickers, group chats, searches, etc.) .

Daniel Bchele said he created the app to have a better experience with Facebook Messenger. And, so that everyone can also have this, he decided to offer the app for free.

(via ParisLemon)