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How to create an annimo blog? [Passo a passo]

As much as YouTube our social networks like TikTok are the fever of the moment, everyone has already thought about learning how to create an anonymous blog. After all, it is a way to express your emotions without discovering your identity.

After all, the veil of anonymity facilitates venting. If no one knows who is writing, no one knows who to judge by the things they are saying, especially if they are dealing with negative emotions.

Furthermore, learning how to create an anonymous blog will allow you to develop a kind of character, which can be a differentiator in relation to other people who are creating blogs. Nothing prevents an anonymous blog from managing extra, making it possible to work at home and earn money over the internet.

Regardless of your goal, there is little mystery in learning how to create an anonymous blog. To do this, just create a blog as usual and be careful that your name and photo does not appear in the blog posts.

See below how to do it for free through Blogger, a free tool from Google to create blogs!

Meet Blogger

A platform for creating websites, Blogger also makes it possible to create an anonymous blog. No matter how much you have to reveal your identity in the register, nothing prevents you from changing your author name to a pseudonym. That is, a false name, which will protect your real identity.

One of its great advantages is simplicity. You don't need to know anything about programming or design to create a beautiful and functional blog. Its interface exaggerates simplicity, allowing even those not very versed in technology to create their pages online.

With it, you have access to free templates. Now, here's the steps to use Bloggere to learn how to create an anonymous blog!

How to create an anonymous blog with Blogger?

The first step, as you may imagine, access the link and register on the platform by clicking Create your Blog. It is worth mentioning that you can access Blogger through your Google account. If you really want to learn how to create an anonymous blog, the first step is to create another account with your pseudonym.

After creating your account, simply go to your profile home page and clickCreate new blogto start.

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<p>Then, you should give your blog a title – taking care not to put your name on it -, choose your address and select one of the free templates that Blogger offers.</p>
<p>Select the one that is more in line with your blog's profile and click<strong>Create a new blog!</strong></p>
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