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Escape online procrastination and increase productivity with the FocusMe app

It is not always easy to escape the endless distractions of the Internet, and now that staying at home has become more common, falling into the black hole of online procrastination turns out to be a frequent occurrence for many. Whether you're trying to stay focused on work or a personal project, FocusMe can help you escape distractions and increase productivity.

Through FocusMe you can block the use of certain applications in a simple way. The application also allows the user to set limits that adapt to his needs. The user only needs to choose the applications in question and indicate the limit that he wants to establish, whether it be just one hour or several days.

Thinking of those who feel the temptation to circumvent the rules and try to access, for example, social networks through the browser, FocusMe can also be configured to work in most browsers.

FocusMe is available for Android and can be found free on the PlayStore. In addition, the application has a desktop version. Although not free, FocusMe for Windows or macOS has more advanced features, such as a schedule where the user can set limits in advance, a timer for those using the Pomodoro productivity technique or even access to usage statistics.