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Eee Keyboard: the height of the compact

Apple has already hidden an entire computer behind the monitor – I even remember a "story" in which a police raid was thwarted because "the miscreant took all the computers, leaving only the screens"; yes, they were iMacs. Now, how about hiding a computer under the keyboard? That's what ASUS did on the Eee Keyboard.

Eee KeyboardFruit of the love of an Apple Keyboard with an Eee PC?

Behind these innocent keys "Chiclet" there is a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, 16 or 32GB memory, Wi-Fi antenna and Bluetooth. Connect what are you looking for? Because the Eee Keyboard offers more than a MacBook Air: an HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports, VGA output, audio input and output and, in the top of the line model, wireless HDMI. To serve as a cherry on top, to the right of the QWERTY keyboard there is a 5-inch OLED screen (800 × 480 pixel resolution) that is touch sensitive – practically my golden dream of ?keyboard + trackpad?, which is only improved.

With these features, this device is not expected to be a replacement for a 24 ? iMac: the purpose of this turbocharged keyboard is to serve as a PC for your home theaterIt is something you use to browse the internet without having to leave the living room – or the sofa, as there is a wireless model. Given the storage options, you can?t really expect it to act as a digital center, with all your movies and music, or yes, if you have a collection as big as mine. I'm still trying to change that

Eee Keyboard ports

Scheduled for availability between May and June, costing $ 400 (basic model) to $ 600 (wireless model), the Eee Keyboard is a new way of looking at the desktop all-in-one. I have to say that he hits the nail on the head on a series of spots and may even launch a new fashion, but one thing leaves me with the flea behind my ear: what operating system will run in this beauty? Windows Mobile or any OS from ASUS? Anyway, if it were just the ?keyboard + trackpad?, I would buy it, mainly because the small screen could serve as a numeric keypad in my ?fill in huge spreadsheets? moments!

The good thing about the miniaturization of components is that this kind of thing, previously impossible, is becoming a reality. I can't wait for the day when they hide the entire computer inside a mouse

(Via: Gizmodo.)