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Apple rents another building in San Jose with an area of ​​over 18,700m²

As everyone knows Apple's headquarters in Cupertino and there it is building its famous ?spaceship? campus, but the company has grown so much that it is expanding across the Silicon Valley.

In the city of San JoseSpecifically, Apple rented a 28,000m office in mid-July and a few weeks later, in August, a 174,000m site that we still don't know if it will be used for a new campus or perhaps a data center.

Now, as reported by the San Jose Mercury News, Apple rented another building (called Tech Place on 101, still under construction) with an area over 18,700m. It is right next to the other land that she recently acquired.

It is estimated that this new area occupied by Apple in San Jose could house more than 20,000 employees. people!

(via AppleInsider)