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Apple ends transition from FireWire 400 to FireWire 800 across its line of computers


With the launch of the new iMacs, Macs mini and Macs Pro, earlier today, Apple said goodbye to the FireWire 400 interface, which it itself created and popularized. The iMacs now come with a single FireWire 800 port, Macs mini ditto and Macs Pro with two front and two rear, but no 400.

His entire recent line of laptops had already made the transition to the FW 800, except for a white MacBook model that is still marketed by Apple, but not for long. Of all the computers sold by Ma, it is the only one that still offers a single FW 400 port.

Below we have collected images of all current Macs, note the absence of the FW 400 in the side and rear photos.


Rear of iMac

Mac mini

Mac mini rear

Mac Pro

Front doors:

Front of Mac Pro

Rear doors:

Mac Pro back

MacBook Air

This one has neither FW 400 nor 800.

MacBook Air side


Ditto Air, with neither.

MacBook side

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro side

. . .

For buyers of the new machines that still own and use FW 400 equipment, the solution is to use an adapter like the one offered by Sonnet Technologies, which outside costs no more than $ 15.

In general, however, it seems that Apple already considers the interface outdated and, with such releases, intends to further boost the industry to migrate soon to the new standard, which competes face to face with USB 2.0.