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Apple employee who stole $ 1 million in Gift Cards could face up to 15 years in prison

A former Apple employee was charged with theft and some other crimes after he allegedly used fraudulent credit / debit cards to buy $ 997,000 in Apple Gift Cards in just three months.

According to the NBC New York, Ruben Profit (24, who has worked for Apple since 2013 and had been transferred to Ma's first store in Queens) would have used, between August and October 2014, several Visa and American Express cards to purchase Gift Cards from Apple.

An investigation was then opened in the period, when Apple began receiving notifications of chargebacks indicating that the transactions were fraudulent.

When he was arrested, Profit had 51 credit / debit cards with magnetic strips used to carry out the fraud (decode the card information) and 7 Apple Gift Cards totaling $ 14,000.

He told the police that he was left with $ 200 of every $ 2,000 of Gift Cards that he probably provided to another person with a gang specialized in this type of scam. Thus, we can conclude that Profit made (almost no pun intended with the surname, which in English means "profit") almost US $ 100 thousand with this game. It's over, of course.

Now, if convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison.

(via AppleInsider)