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Want to test Siri in Portuguese? Then install the public beta version of iOS 8.3! [atualizado]

At some point we will see the arrival of a public beta version of iOS, as it already is with OS X. That was a rumor, but Apple just implemented this plan, putting for the first time a test version of the mobile operating system of iPads and iPhones / iPods touch in the hands of ordinary users.

iOS Beta

Until then, the name of this Apple program was OS X Beta Program; today, however, Ma changed it to Apple Beta Software Program. In addition, the FAQ (frequently asked questions, or frequently asked questions) of the program brings several references to iOS, iPads and iPhones / iPods touch, like the one below:

How do I install a final version of the previous iOS on my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?

Always back up your iOS device before installing beta software. To get a trial version of iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can simply install the final version of the software you are testing when it appears in Software Update. If you want to go back to a previously released version, you must first delete the beta software and then reinstall the latest version of iOS and finally restore from your previously saved iTunes backup.

It is good to make it clear that iOS 8.3 beta 3 (released for developers, which must be the same build or very similar to the public version) has some known errors. In other words, we are talking about a test version and, if you are not prepared to deal with failures, bugs and problems, you better not participate in the tests.

Warning given, whoever wants to can sign up to participate in the tests through this page as the program is still being implemented, the link to test iOS may not appear for you yet.

(via 9to5Mac)

Update, by Rafael Fischmann · 03/12/2015 s 19:25

O TechCrunch explains why the iOS 8.3 download option does not appear for everyone: the public beta program for Apple's mobile operating system for the time being only for guests, most of whom were already part of the OS X Beta Program.

Apparently, she wants to "try" this novelty before opening the tests to an even larger audience.