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Steve Ballmer: investment in Apple in 1997 was "the craziest thing" that Microsoft has ever done

Steve Ballmer he passed the post of Microsoft CEO to Satya Nadella in February 2014 and for more than a year he is no longer on the company's board of directors, but he remains closely linked to her after so many years in front of the Redmond giant.

Today, he gave an interview Bloomberg initially talking a little about the competition between Microsoft and, but later joining Apple.

The highlight was certainly Ballmer's comment about the investment that Microsoft made in Apple when Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1997. For the executive, it was ?the craziest thing? that Microsoft has ever done; at the time, the sum was US $ 150 million.

Ballmer also congratulated Apple for getting its products / services right, becoming the most valuable company on the planet, but pulled the sardine to Microsoft's side stating that, even more than a Samsung of life, it is she who has the power to fight head on with Ma for now investing in hardware and, like Apple, also controlling the software.

Finally, questioned about the rumors of an "Apple Car", Ballmer pointed out that a step greater than the ones that Apple is used to taking but that "does not know", may be that she gets it right.

In a related note, last week Ballmer revealed that he now owns 4% of Twitter:

His main focus, however, remains the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team.

(via Patently Apple)