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Siri of the new Apple TV will only work with Apple Music at the beginning of next year [atualizado]

One of the great news of the new Apple TV, a Crab, it doesn't work right away in all languages ??already supported by the assistant on iOS. We talk about this in this detail article about set-top box. But even for English speakers it is not yet complete.

O Apple Music Apple TV is coming for the first time on tvOS, but it still can't be commanded by Siri. As well as the lack of support for all languages, this is strange because Siri already accepts commands related to Apple Music on iOS.

To BuzzFeed, Apple said it was working on it and that it plans to make Siri work with Apple Music on Apple TV as well early next year.

I find that very strange. It was not enough for the delay for Apple to expand products / services internationally, even after that happens in general. Using Siri in Portuguese to ask for music, then, it is ridiculous because she still cannot understand names (of tracks, bands / artists or albums) in English. I'll tell you, see, it doesn't even seem like it's almost 2016

Update · 11/09/2015 s 16:19

Apple's promise only for 2016, but a video recorded by iDownloadBlog shows that Apple is already testing functionality in the tvOS 9.1 beta:

As you can see, just like on iOS, it is possible to ask Siri to search for or play specific songs / bands / albums, as well as to play the Beats 1 radio.