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Rio Preto Shopping security team frustrates attempted robbery of MyStore store

Last August, bandits took over R $ 200 thousand in goods from the store MyStore from Taubat Shopping. Yesterday (10/28) night, as reported by Dirio da Regio, an attempted robbery took place at a store of the same group in So Jos do Rio Preto (SP).

An armed bandit entered the store to try to take goods, but was surprised by the security team at Rio Preto Shopping who had already been informed about the suspect. In that, he gave up his action and shot at the security guards, hitting store windows, and managed to escape on a motorcycle.

MyStore Shots

Plant delegate Eder Galavoti stated that the assailant probably did not act alone, having coverage from at least one other person. A copy of the images of the mall's internal circuit has already been requested for analysis and investigation by the Military Police.

Fortunately, this time, no merchandise was taken and no one was injured.

(tip from Jos Renato Filho It's from Lincon Boat)