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Recent updates on the App Store: Adobe Illustrator Draw, Microsoft OneNote, Facebook Groups and more!

Below are some of the prominent apps and / or games we selected that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

App Store

Adobe Illustrator Draw app icon

Now with dropper, iPhone support, better compatibility with styli, automatic recording, shape improvements, among others.

Microsoft OneNote app icon

Page views, reorganization of notebooks and error corrections.

Sorry, app not found.

Updates have been made to make the application faster, more reliable and easier to use. It also now has searches for publications.

Foursquare Swarm app icon: Check-in App

Now with messaging and changes to its interface.

Sorry, app not found.

Performance improvements, corrections in stickers and see more content in yourself.

Wunderlist app icon: Task List

Addition of new sidebar design folders.

PDF Expert 7 app icon: edit PDF

Now speaks and supports German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and French.

Shortcuts app icon


in Apple

Version 2.2.2 (142.8 MB) Requires iOS 12.0 or superior

It brings several corrections and general improvements.

Fleksy- GIF, Web & Yelp Search app icon

New ?Camaleo? theme, color customization, new extensions, etc.

Mercado Pago app icon

Now Brazilians can recharge their cell phones through the app.

OLX app icon Ads: Buy and Sell

Button to clear all data on the ad insertion page, fixed minimum and maximum price filters, connection to Facebook and performance improvements.

Mac App Store

Wunderlist app icon: Task List

Addition of new sidebar design folders.