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NVIDIA graphics cards may once again be causing problems in the new 17 ″ MacBooks Pro

The story repeats itself and Apple's headaches with its displays continue, probably due to its idea of ??using the latest GPU technologies released by NVIDIA. Like everything in life, being a pioneer also means being a guinea pig.

NVIDIA problems with 17 MBPs

The latest news painted a few days ago on Apple's support forums and is related to the new MacBooks Pro unibody 17 inches. According to some of the first to receive the product, some green and purple spots and pixels hinder the screen's view, but only when they are using the dedicated GeForce 9600M card.

NVIDIA problems with 17 MBPs

Switching to the integrated 9400M, the problems disappear. In addition, some of them report that restarting the computer solves the issue, but only temporarily, which is totally unacceptable in itself, as if someone were to stop work in the middle of the day to restart the machine. My MBP, for example, is sometimes 15 or 20 days without a reboot until an update comes out X Y Z from Apple to make me do it.

It is speculated that the problem, this time, is related to the heating of the machine; in fact, the affected users claim that things get worse over time.

NVIDIA problems with 17 MBPs

Apple has yet to comment on the matter, but I made sure to separate all the articles we did recently about problems with NVIDIA. See how absurd:

The latter, by the way, has not yet returned to the air.

NVIDIA problems with 17 MBPs

About 9600M of the new 17 ? MBPs, we hope that the problem can be solved by a simple firmware update.

[Via: Engadget.]