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Nokia relaunches its HERE app for iOS, with maps and offline navigation

Nokia originally launched its HERE map service on the App Store in November 2012, but it was never very successful on the Apple platform (not least because it was a crude app, made in HTML5) and ended up being removed from the store in late 2013.

Because the HERE is now back, and arrived with everything!

HERE WeGo app icon

The new version of HERE for iOS focuses on maps and offline navigation, but you choose what to download and store locally on your iPhone. More than 100 countries are already supported, including Brazil, although it is not yet in Portuguese.

Check out the promotional video:

When working online, HERE has real-time traffic information in more than 40 countries, public transport information for more than 900 cities and a complete route planner.

If you don't like it and / or have a review of Waze or Google Maps, maybe it's a good idea to try HERE.

(via TechCrunch)