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New Apple TV starts to be sold online, including in Brazil; 32GB model costs R $ 1,349 [atualizado 2x]

As Tim Cook had promised, the new Apple TV started to be sold today. The good news that Brazil entered the first wave (the set-top box was approved by Anatel almost a month ago), the hand obviously is the prices.

New Apple TV next to the remote

While in the United States the 32GB and 64GB models are priced at US $ 149 and US $ 199 respectively, in Brazil they arrived at R $ 1,349 and R $ 1,749 installment amounts up to 12 times, seen are R $ 1,214.10 and R $ 1,574.10. Recalling that the third generation Apple TV continues to sell and recently had its price readjusted to R $ 599.

In the USA, Siri Remote sold for US $ 79, while in Brazil the Apple TV Remote costs R $ 649 (know the difference between them in this article). J o Remote Loop, which goes there for US $ 13, arrives in Brazil for R $ 109.

The new Apple TV was announced on September 9 and is now being released in about 80 countries. Check here everything we talked about the product.

Here, the deadline for shipping the new Apple TV is 2-3 weeks.

Update · 10/28/2015 s 14:55

According to sources 9to5Mac, Apple's physical stores (Retail Stores) will start selling the new Apple TV starting this Friday (10/30). We still do not know whether the stores in So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro will have the product so quickly.

Update II · 10/30/2015 s 15:09

In fact, as of today, the new Apple TV can be found at Apple Retail Stores and Best Buy stores in the United States. Nothing yet in Brazil.

(via AppleInsider)