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Knowledge has no place and on this site you can find the answer to several curiosities

There are questions that sometimes occupy our thinking are not always easy to answer. Who has never, at any time, asked about the origins of life or even its meaning? But not being well because

Moving from the existential plane to a more practical one, likewise, who has never been assaulted by one of those doubts of the kind because that an animal behaves in a certain way or from where a certain expression arose? From Voc Sabia you will be able to find answers to these and many other curiosities.

The knowledge shared in this microsite of the Terra portal, in Brazil, covers the most diverse areas, namely Qumica, Physics, Geography, History, among others.

Without a logical arrangement or division by categories, the microsite will load the different articles, published by the portal over the past few years, as the Internet user descends to browse the page.

How much is a light year worth? What do animals dream of? Can penguins die of cold? Why do people lie? How do bee combs turn into hexagons? Where does the express come from? These are just a few examples of the curiosities you can see answered from the Did You Know page.

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