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In Germany, Apple starts testing iTunes Store charges through operators [atualizado]

In Brazil, basically we can only pay for contents of the iTunes Store (also including App Store, iBooks Store, etc.) using credit cards enabled for international use after all, all sold in dollars. But in other countries, Apple also accepts debit cards, credits purchased via prepaid cards and / or even PayPal. Now, it has started testing a new modality at Germany.

In partnership with the operator O2 (which is part of the Telefnica group, which owns Vivo in Brazil), TechCrunch, Apple is now offering German consumers the ability to pay for their purchases on the iTunes Store through their own cell phone bill. The option is gradually being released to O2 customers and should be available to everyone in November.

For now the novelty is even restricted to this operator in Germany, but it is quite possible that it will expand internationally over time. In Brazil, something like this would only be possible with the total nationalization of Apple's virtual stores, which has been discussed at least since the end of 2011. The big problem would be that, with the conversion / fluctuation of monetary and cascading taxes, a $ 0 app , 99 would not come out for less than R $ 4.99 for us. Maybe even more.

Update · 12/03/2015 s 19:07

THE CNBC reported today that Apple is expanding this novelty to the Russia, in partnership with the operator Beeline (VimpelCom's domestic unit).