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With Flesy, you create shopping lists and control your spending at the supermarket

If you have not yet chosen an ideal app to create your grocery lists, we now bring you a nice tip created by the Brazilian Paulo Venturi.

The app is called Flesy.

Sorry, app not found.

Flesy is a super simple app that allows you to create amazing shopping lists. The app helps you plan purchases, remember what you've already purchased and control your spending.

Each list is organized into "Planned Purchases", "Purchases Made" and "Summary", which makes it easy to organize the things you have already purchased or plan to buy, in addition to helping you keep your budget under control. Drag an item to the right to move it from "Planned Purchases" to "Purchases Made" or drag it to the left to delete it from the list.

Flesy also gives you complete control over the things you buy: you can set an initial budget for each list you create and the app will automatically update your balance as you mark items as "purchased".

The Flesy interface is very simple and very tasteful, making its use quick / intuitive. The "Purchases Made" area is especially cool, as you have all the history of what you have always bought in hands. And the built-in expense control system is certainly a strong differentiator from other list apps; you can even use this to manage your international travel expenses, for example.

The best part? Flesy free. Try it now!