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Tutorial: Mac Bluetooth issues? Learn how to reset it!

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi there are two things with problems that Apple does not seem to be able to resolve in OS X updates in the first beta version of 10.11.2 the company is again asking developers to focus their tests on Wi-Fi, for example.

Here on my Mac, for example, my Wi-Fi is very unstable (I often need to disable / enable Wi-Fi to get everything back to working as it should). Bluetooth, after some instabilities (the Magic Mouse disconnected and connected itself a few times a day), everything is working fine now. But if you are still experiencing connectivity issues with Bluetooth and have tried everything, know that there is a way to reset your settings.

  1. If you already have the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar, skip to item 2; if not, go to Bluetooth System Preferences and activate the option ?Show Bluetooth in the menu bar? (at the bottom).

Bluetooth on OS X

  1. With the keys (Shift) and (Option) pressed, click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and choose the option Debug Remove all devices.

Bluetooth on OS X

  1. Repeat step 2, but now choose the option ?Reset the Bluetooth module?.
  2. Restart your Mac.
  3. Reconnect and pair all accessories, as if you were doing it for the first time.

Okay, now hope that everything works again as it should.

(via Mac Kung Fu)