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Personal expense manager Money Care now has an iPad version

We don't have to go very far to know that the country's economy is not doing well. In addition to this, we have a high level of indebtedness for Brazilian families, also due to the lack of control over their personal finances. The lack of balance between income and expenses can compromise, over time, a number of important quality of life factors, for example, and even buy that gadget you dreamed of.

To try to help improve even this situation, I would like to recommend a very interesting app that will help you control your finances: o Money Care.

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Money Care, by Brazilian developer StudioMoob, in the new. It has existed in version for iPhones / iPods touch for some time now, so I want to focus my analysis on two aspects:

  1. New version for iPads;
  2. From the point of view of a common user, one who has no knowledge of spreadsheets or who does not use any type of financial control.

Money Care caught my eye for its simplicity. Right away I came across a great layout, very colorful and with design flat. The cones at the top are intuitive and I can easily identify what each one is for. Very similar to the iPhone version, when you open the new one for iPad you soon feel at home.

In Home, we can notice a well organized ?Income x Expenses? chart. There is history of movements in graph and list, number in percentage and in the footer, partial account balance, etc. Interesting detail: there is also a filter field, just below the application logo. With it, it is possible to filter the history of movements by status, type or account, thus allowing to extract information that I am not interested in seeing at that moment.

To insert new releases is also very simple. In ?Movimentaes?, with a few touches it is possible to define type, description, value, etc. your expense or income; no scroll bar with infinite types of movement characteristics.

In ?Categories?, you separate your expenses by type. Here is an interesting point: there is no pre-defined category, you need to create your own factor which I find very positive, because in some other competing services I always found it boring to keep scrolling to try to find the best category for an expense I didn?t find it.

In general, Money Care, whether in the iPhone or iPad version, caught my attention in the following aspect: the terms are simple and easy to understand. Other apps of the kind I've used have complicated terms and are full of financials. For people who are not familiar with them, the dropout factor is certain.

Finally, I have no doubt that anyone will be able to use Money Care without complications. In fact, my opinion is that this application is a strong competitor for me to abandon the old Excel.