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LG confirms: next generation of Apple iPhones and notebooks will use OLED screens

The Australian website Smarthouse today announced that one of its sources at LG Korea confirmed the existence of an Apple iPhone and notebook with OLED screens. According to him, the company would already have a prototype of the new computer which, despite calling it a "notebook", I believe is really a "netbook".

LG logo

Currently, LG still has some issues with touch-sensitive OLEDs, especially with fingerprints, but it works on an additional layer that would solve that sort of thing. The displays could also be used in the future in an upcoming version of iPod touch.

It is hard to imagine that any of LG would release this type of information, especially about a company like Apple, for whom it already provides screens for 70% of the products. In January of this year, however, Ma signed a $ 500 million deal with LG Display, which may have a direct bearing on today's news. wait and see …