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Enlight is one of the most complete image editors available for iPhones

Application options to edit your photos on iPhones what else you have. But few, very few have a beautiful interface, really interesting tools and such possibilities as the newly launched Enlight.

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It would be great not to have to use multiple apps to edit a simple photo, would it? Say hi to Enlight. Enlight combines all photo apps (existing or dreamed) in one with plenty of powers and impeccable design.

Taking the creation of images on the iPhone to a new level, Enlight is the most complete photo editor with the best quality so powerful and easy to use that this will be the last photo app you will ever download. Try it today and see why.

There are several cool features that the application offers as differentials, such as manual and precise control of tone, colors and details of the images, possibility to create and save your own adjustments, merge effects using the integrated mask, analogue filters, double and black and- white for your photos, painting effects and realistic drawing, possibility to draw / write on the photos, put stickers, special effects, borders and frames, mix photos (overlay), make photomontages and merge images.

In addition, the app features instant exposure repair, restoration of lost details, noise reduction, powerful tools capable of swelling, shrinking or reshaping specific objects, changing focus with options for tilt-shift linear, radial and mirrored, control the tone of the image with precision using multichannel curves without counting, of course, with those more basic editions (rotate, crop, change the perspective) and options to share everything through your social networks.

Who would have thought that for about $ 8 we could have such a powerful image editing tool on our iPhones? Even better with the launch promotion, which is offering 50% discount!

(tip from Elton)