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Check out updated benchmarks for the new Mac Pro, plus photos and video from inside

After the initial fanfare of the launch of the new Mac Pro and the appearance of the first benchmarks of the new machine, more intense tests with the new products could be carried out, showing that the initial results underestimated its real performance gain when compared to the previous models. In short, the machine is much faster than initially imagined, especially when subjected to multi-tasking processes.

Mac Pro with LED Cinema Display

The latest numbers – obtained using CineBench 10 – show that models of the new Mac Pro configured with only one Xeon processor quad-core 2.66 or 2.93GHz scored significantly higher in single-threading than previous generation machines with two processors quad 2.8 and 3.2 GHz, respectively. Despite these positive results not being repeated in multi-threading, this proves what I mentioned earlier: investing in a Mac Pro quad-core high frequency chip can be more advantageous at the moment than considering a octo-core with two lower frequency processors, but this can vary with the user?s needs and the solutions they use.

J in multi-threading, the performance gain even greater. A Mac Pro octo-core 2.26GHz can surpass the previous basic model (2.8GHz) with enormous ease. If the user is going to use applications that take advantage of this type of technology, this machine can be a great choice. In addition, it is important to remember that the possibilities of expanding the Mac Pro are even greater in these new models, so the investment can yield better results for the user.

The following is a general classification made by a user of the forums MacRumors shows how the new machines are superior to the old ones:

Mac Pro 2009 performance on CineBench 10

Leaving aside the superiority of the new Macs Pro in performance, another important aspect in them is the ease of adding physical features, such as memory and GPUs. In order to prove this, the Engadget he made an analysis of the interior of the unit he received, and it is a fact that it is much easier to make upgrades than before.

Mac Pro 2009Did you notice that this box is also dirty?

Mac Pro 2009

While the four HD replacement slots remain the same, a sliding bay at the bottom gives access to the two Xeon processors and eight RAM slots. To make an exchange, just bring it out or even remove it, if necessary:

Mac Pro 2009

Mac Pro 2009

The PCI slots are located between the hard drives and the sliding bay where processors and memory sticks are located. Adding one or more GPUs is very easy in this configuration: by default it comes with a GeForce GT 120, although I express my preference for the new ATI Radeon HD 4870, even though it is not possible to include more than one:

Mac Pro 2009

Mac Pro 2009

Apart from fawning, I believe that a computer has never been built in such a way as to be as easy to receive upgrades as this one. The following video shows the possibilities for expanding the machine with greater clarity:

(viddler id = 392c3d88 & w = 545 & h = 451)

To check out more photos taken by Engadget of the new machine (only 87 in total), click here.