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Apple is sued again, now for defective iMac screens

Apple can now register yet another lawsuit in US justice, this time filed by Roman Huff, a resident of the state of Florida, in the United States. According to him, the 17-inch iMac (described as G5, but already Intel) that he bought in November 2006 has defects in its screen that affect almost all owners of the computer of that generation, according to the AppleInsider.

Like a complaint filed in January of this year, the new lawsuit says that "thousands" of iMac owners begin to see vertical lines appear on the LCD after a few months of use. These would multiply gradually, affecting the colors of the display until it became completely ruined. In the case of an iMac, that a computer all-in-one, the same as saying that it makes the whole machine unusable.

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The video above shows a little of the problem described.

The lawsuits say Apple has breached commercial codes, failed to test the monitors, intentionally sold defective systems and manipulated the warranty terms to avoid spending on iMac repairs and replacements. In some cases, the costs involved can reach up to $ 800, that is, more than half of the price originally paid for the entire computer.