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Apple determines that the iOS world does not need anti-virus

Hardly anyone has recommended you to install software anti-virus on the iPhone or iPad, not least because the ?closed? nature of the App Store allows Apple to have great control over all software distributed to users of iGadgets and avoid spreading malware.

If at all, it has always been recommended that users of devices with jailbreak have more parsimony.

VirusBarrier for iOS

Because Apple is so confident in all that it solved now file for good with all anti-virus and anti-malware apps distributed for iOS.

Who tells the novelty to Intego, which has been offering an iOS version of VirusBarrier since mid-2011. The application has since been removed from the App Store, as have similar ones developed by various companies.

Still in 2012, we even covered here on the website that Kaspersky Lab had plans to develop an anti-virus for iOS but that, at that time, Apple was against it. Even so, until recently it was possible to find a few apps of this type in her store.