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Why is Siri on Apple TV limited to 8 countries?

THE Crab it is currently available in 28 countries and speaks 10 languages, all respecting the regionalities of each one. But why, then, is the virtual assistant present on Apple TV in only 8 countries?

Apple even differentiated the name of the remote control from set-top box in those countries. Although they are exactly the same all over the world, in these 8 locations the name of the control Siri Remote, while in the rest of the world Apple TV Remote with Touch.

Siri Remote / Apple TV Remote with Touch

Notice that in the control there is a button with a microphone icon (Siri). With Apple TV configured for one of these 8 countries, when you press it, Siri goes into action; in the others, you are taken directly to the tvOS search interface. But back to the question: why is the virtual assistant present on Apple TV in only 8 countries?

According to the website (Google Translate), who said she talked to Apple employees, this has to do with the various optimizations that Ma would have made for the assistant to recognize what the user is saying, mainly involving movie names, series, actors, directors , etc.

As the pronunciation varies a lot depending on the region, Apple would be working hard so that Siri can understand everything regardless of the person's accent.

Some may question that this type of problem exists on iOS. It is true. The "problem" here is that movies and TV shows are a very fundamental part of Apple TV and the experience, at least now, would not be in line with what the company wants if these other languages ??/ countries were on the cake. In addition, on the iPhone there is always the option of using the keyboard to write something that Siri did not understand, something that is quite complicated on Apple TV, especially with the current incompatibility of the Remote app.

Search on Apple TV

OK Alright. The "excuse" is acceptable and we know that Apple is working to expand Siri's capabilities to more and more countries as soon as possible. But what bothers us in this story is that we, users, can help in this task. Whoever bought an iPhone 6s and activated the ?E a Siri? feature knows what I'm talking about. TvOS could very well offer a way to allow users to repeat some complicated / specific names to help Siri understand the sound of those names with a particular accent, as well as allow the person to send feedback if a given voice search is bad interpreted. I'm sure the assistant's learning curve would be much better than with Apple doing it all alone.

It is true that the experience, at least in this beginning, would be somewhat impaired. But for this reason that there are beta versions of systems, Apple could very well release Siri in test versions in these other countries, making it clear to users that the experience is still not entirely satisfactory, asking if they would still like to cooperate so that everything would improve. faster way.

(via 9to5Mac)