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Orange may offer UK subsidized MacBooks with its built-in 3G broadband

If information published today by Mobile Today are right, Orange will start offering subsidized Apple laptops in the UK soon, with built-in mobile broadband contracts already in place. The same rumor had already surfaced here in late January, but regarding AT&T in the United States.

Computers will not be distributed for free, but will have a ?big discount? compared to the conventional price. In all cases, the consumer will have to sign a minimum two-year contract with the operator. The MacBooks themselves would not have 3G integrated, but they would come with USB modems.

Orange MacBook

The agreement could be announced at any time by the two companies. If it catches on, Apple may well start to consider more strongly the possibility of integrating the technology natively into its machines.

Speaking of which and AT&T, a similar model seems very suitable to corroborate information obtained this week by BGR, in which a supposed operator executive would have commented on a $ 100 netbook 3G this summer (in the northern hemisphere) that would not run a Windows OS. Hmm?