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New app allows you to closely monitor the bills that are being processed in Brazil

You, as a citizen, do not need to be or go to the National Congress to follow all the bills that are going through there. And now there is an even simpler way to do this.

O Follow, application developed by Danilo Amaral de Oliveira.

Sorry, app not found.

SigaLei allows citizens to search for and monitor the bills that have been and are being discussed by Brazil! Search the bill by subject, author or number and find out what our representatives are discussing!

SigaLei also allows access to votes that took place in the bill and who voted for or against.

Finally, through SigaLei it is possible to access some indicators on legislative houses!

SigaLei is completely free, runs on its iOS version on both iPads and iPhones / iPods touch, and is also available on Google Play (for Android).