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MIT works on graphene chips that reach 1,000GHz

Have you heard of graphene? I don't either. According to Wikipedia, it is "a material (discovered in 2004) found in graphite and other carbon compounds", and it was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) choice for a future generation of computer chips . Research shows that the technology enables unimaginable processing speeds.

Graphene chip of MIT

The current study shows that a frequency multiplier can be created, working to double an electrical signal and, consequently, double the speed of the clock of a processor. The idea is not new, but its application in graphene.

Want to know numbers? The new chips (whose thickness does not measure more than one volume!) Can run between 500GHz and 1,000GHz (or 1THz terahertz), a jump tiny in relation to the current ones, which reach a maximum of 5GHz. And, according to MIT, we may see a commercial version of the technology in the next two years. Wow!!

(Via: InformationWeek.)