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Former Apple executive says Steve Jobs already considered creating a car in 2008

Considered the ?father? of the iPod, Tony Fadell definitely left Apple in March 2010 and launched Nest the following year, with its thermostat company bought by Google in early 2014. Years later, every now and then he still has stories to tell about his time at Apple.

Today the Bloomberg published an interview with Fadell in which he discusses the new generation of automobiles with reporter Emily Chang. The executive makes a good analogy of the iPhone with a car, stating that most of the components used in both are not very different.

But the most curious passage now brought by Fadell that, in 2008, Steve Jobs already considered creating an Apple car. At the time, they even discussed details about the panel, the banks, etc., but both concluded that it would be too much for the company at least at that time. As we are following in recent rumors, it seems that the time is coming

Fadell remains today as CEO of Nest Labs, a subsidiary of Alphabet.

[via AppleInsider]