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For less than R $ 350, stores in China “upgrade” iPhones from 16GB to 128GB

We have already discussed the issue of the current 16GB models of iPhones a lot here on the website and in the podcast including our review of the iPhone 6s, but at least in China they are already ?working on it? to solve the problem of those who bought one, thinking that the capacity would be sufficient.

For about 580 yuan Chinese (less than R $ 350), some shops / assistance there already offer a service to exchange the NAND flash memory that comes in the device, going from the original 16GB to 128GB. The device is ready in just an hour, and according to reports for now the iPhones 6 are serviced.

Maaas, anyone who ventures into this has to be aware that the exchange violates the warranty of the device and God knows if it can cause any problem in the use of it, since its logic board is very delicate. Often, as we know, cheap is expensive

Remembering that in China, you can always donate your sperm to buy an iPhone. ?

(via Cult of Mac)