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Eddy Cue discusses iPad Pro and Apple enterprise solutions at an event organized by Dropbox

Apple executives don't stop! Yesterday night Eddy Cue senior vice president of software and internet services at Ma participated in the Dropbox Open event, talking about the iPad Pro and Apple's enterprise solutions.

Interviewed by Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, Cue pointed out that one of the great qualities of iOS is getting updates quickly (important especially in terms of security) and that Apple always seeks to do what is right even if sometimes consumer feedback is contrary to that (such as when the iPhone arrived offering a virtual keyboard).

For the executive, the business world has not yet embraced mobile solutions as consumers and Apple hopes the iPad Pro will help to stimulate that. Cue was with one at the event and demonstrated, of course, the Dropbox Paper app scheduled to be launched in early 2016 running on Ma's giant tablet.

That was great:

Eddy Cue took out an iPad Pro and Drew Houston said "look under your chairs, guys!" We looked and had nothing.

Cue did not confirm the date, but the expectation that the iPad Pro will go on sale on the 11th.

Interestingly, just over a month ago Tim Cook participated in an event organized by Box, one of Dropbox's main competitors.

(via 9to5Mac)