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Comic Book Plus is the aggregator of comic books from the golden and silver age

The worlds of superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics are the best known when it comes to comics, but there are many undiscovered works in various genres and different times. The purpose of the Comic Book Plus website is to bring together full magazines, or just strips, of works that you probably can't even find in stores because of their antiquity.

The website is an aggregator, but also a reader, since you can read the magazines directly on the platform, through a digital page of your pages. It should be noted that all works available are legal and free, so you will not find the latest adventures of Superman or Captain America.

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The main objective of the archive is to offer the works of the golden and silver age of comics, focusing mainly on pulp fiction, but also loose strips of unfinished works. All works are archived and can even be submitted by users for analysis. The website claims to contain more than 17,000 magazines, not just comics, but others with a historical content that defines its era.

Each magazine has a valuable description and context for collectors. And although they are mostly English editions, there is room for other countries, including Portuguese and Spanish. There are many interesting content to explore from virtually every decade of the previous century.