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ASUS to launch “foldable” notebook later this year

ASUS recently announced that it is actually launching an innovative notebook prototype, known as Fold / Unfold. The machine has a keyboard that ?slides backwards? when opened, increasing the space for keys, trackpad and wrist support.

Check out this video, captured by Engadget:

(viddler id = 48c1ed14 & w = 437 & h = 370)

Although the model above is characterized as a notebook by its general size, the concept would be very well applied to netbooks, due to the need for portability.

The video below covers your entire design concept:

(youtube) (/ youtube)

The product is expected to hit the market in the third quarter of this year, costing between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500.

At the very least, it's cool to see that manufacturers are looking for innovations to make up for the revolution that the MacBook Air brought to the market.

(Tip from Tiago Lino, thank you!)