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Apple could build a new campus in San Jose even bigger than the “spaceship” (Apple Campus 2)

We have been reporting for some time that Apple has been purchasing / renting land in San Jose, a city close to Cupertino (in California). Because the Silicon Valley Business Journal said this week that Ma's plans for the city are bold and contemplate a new campus bigger than the "spaceship" that is under construction!

Everything is still under negotiation, but according to the newspaper, we are talking about a total area of ??385,500 square meters; comparatively, the Apple Campus 2 has approximately 260 thousand square meters. The idea of ??both the company and the city planning commission is that the place will be occupied by Ma for at least 15 years.

Apple Land in San Jose

As we can see in the image, a good part of the area has already been purchased or rented by Apple, the agreement should cover all these areas.

Also according to the newspaper, a development contract (the name given to this type of negotiation) is not the same as a concrete project. That is, there is still no guarantee that Apple will actually build a new campus in San Jose. On the other hand, the company did not buy / rent land so close to cultivate, but then it is almost certain that we will have something really big being built there.

(via MacRumors)