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Add-on concept for Mac mini: Radio Speaker System

Turn and move I read why Apple is as proud of what it does as it does. Steve Jobs knows what he does and, except for a few rare exceptions in these more than 30 years with the company (much of it when he was out of command, by the way), he only puts on the market what is really good and being a success.

Still, nothing prevents Ma fans worldwide creating and traveling in the most varied concepts. This idea of ??a stacked radio and speaker system for the Mac mini created by designer Sebastian Sauvage is one of them:

Mac mini Radio Speaker System

The product would include web radio support with access to around 10,000 stations across the globe, two front and rear USB ports, a built-in memory card multi-reader and, of course, optimal sound quality.

Mac mini Radio Speaker System

Not for nothing, no, cool, cool, but this one I would never bet on becoming a reality.

(Tip from Alexander Novarro, thanks!)