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A single hacker earned $ 225,000 invading all major browsers at a security conference

Every year, all major browsers are put to the test during the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, Canada. The contest in question is called Pwn2Own, and we already talk about it a lot here on the site.

Browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox) fighting

This year, according to the Threatpost, a single hacker took home $ 225,000 by hacking all major browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

The exploits in question do not become public until corrected by the respective developers. Due to the coverage given to this event, they are usually very quick to release patches. A few days ago Apple updated Safari, but it is not clear whether the fixes have or not to do with the loopholes exploited at the event.

In total, HP and Google (sponsors of Pwn2Own) paid $ 442,500 to security researchers. Four bugs were found in IE, three in Firefox, two in Safari and one in Chrome all in their latest versions, running on Windows 8.1 or OS X Yosemite.

(via AppleInsider)