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The new version of Fairphone 3 will hit the market without Google services and promises more privacy

Fairphone asserts itself as the brand with the most typical and repairable smartphone in the world. Now, the company has teamed up with / e / OS to launch a new version of the latest smartphone without Google's mobile services. The new Fairphone 3 has a greater emphasis on user privacy and arrives on May 6th.

The Fairphone smartphone has the operating system / / / OS, based on LineageOS, a creation of the French programmer Gal Duval. The / e / Foundation aims to eliminate all types of software that monitor smartphone users and collect their data, creating alternative services to those that the popular Google ecosystem offers.

The / e / Foundation describes / e / OS as an Android without Google, indicating that it has removed several code elements that send user data to remote servers without obtaining their consent. The / e / ensures that the operating system does not access the geolocation data and does not collect information about interactions with the applications.

As an alternative to Google services, the / e / Foundation offers a digital store with more than 60,000 free open-source applications. In addition, to allow the synchronization of / e / OS, the / e / Foundation offers an email service with 5 GB free storage.

The new Fairphone 3 with preinstalled / e / OS arrives on the market with a price of around 480 dollars and is already available in pre-order. The original version of the smartphone with the Android operating system has a value of around 450 dollars. Anyone who already has a Fairphone 3 and wants to install the operating system can find it free on the website of the / e / Foundation.