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The first Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter options begin to appear

Apple announced the free licensing program for its Mini DisplayPort in mid-January, but the first HDMI adapters are now coming onto the market, perfect for anyone looking to connect recent Macs to HDTVs. The wait was very long, since Apple itself does not offer the product.

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

The most famous and disputed model is the Monoprice (photo above), which costs less than US $ 15. Demand is so high that stocks are already depleted, so whoever wants to buy from them will have to wait a while.

This is not the only option, however. A quick search on brings several other PTC models a little more expensive, but available for immediate purchase. Regardless of which one you choose, know that the direct solution is certainly better than using a Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter connected to another DVI to HDMI.