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Mac is Pop Special: iMac Aluminum and Adobe Photoshop in “Fantástico”

Before my mailbox gets jammed with emails with more tips from readers :-), I decided to post this Mac Pop special about yesterday's ?Fantastic?, instead of waiting until the next weekend.

In the board Virtual Detective this Sunday, the Rede Globo team summoned the specialist and author of three books on Adobe Photoshop, Altair Hoppe, to analyze an image of a supposed giant dog. In the report, he uses an iMac Aluminum, but you can still see a white MacBook right next to it:

The photo, for the curious of planting, a montage.

(Tip (so far) from Victor Lima Leal, Marcos, Rafael – Floripa, Juarez Lencioni Maccarini and Marcelo Brazil, thank you!)