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How to create a website with your own domain? [Guia Completo]

1. Why create a website?

If you arrived here, you already have some reason in mind to create websites. Let's give you some more ideas of why this can be a good idea and very useful for you.

You increase your credibility

One of the main reasons that can motivate you to create a website with your own domain is the credibility that this gives you, which occurs when it is extremely well structured, organized and elegant.

When looking for a store to buy, it is natural to avoid those that have bad or outdated websites, as this ends up sending a clear message of neglect. That is, if you are going to create a website – it is well recommended that you do it – it is necessary to always keep it updated with the news.

Get more customers

Another issue to be considered is the fact that you will reach more people than just physical advertisements or social networks, as a well optimized and made site will appear at the top of Google searches and help you make money.

To achieve this, it is necessary to pay close attention to SEO, which is the knowledge of how search engines work, using all the best techniques for this.


In addition to these main reasons, some other reasons for doing so are listed below:

  • Your brand will be open all the time, clarifying any doubts that customers may have;
  • Economic marketing, since it is enough to direct readers of advertisements to the website so that they have all the information;
  • Ease of changing catalog, menu or portfolio;
  • Possibility of online ordering, something very positive for a large portion of the population who prefer not to talk on the phone;
  • Strengthening the brand, since the online presence is something that helps more people find you. And, having a good website, they will trust you;
  • Low investment. To create a website with your own domain, you spend almost nothing monthly, and you end up compensating with the won customers, allowing you to make extra income.

2. Which platform to use?

To be able to create websites and start working from home, it is first necessary to choose which platform to use for this. There are several options, some of which are completely free and others paid for, all quite complete.

Among the best and best known for creating websites without the help of an expert are Blogger, Wix, WordPress and Zyro. All of them have several features that allow you to create e-commerce sites or personal blogs, for example.

Which platform to use?

First, we have Blogger, the tool offered by Google for anyone who wants to create a website for free. It offers company hosting, gives you a domain (with and even integrates with Google Adsense.

Possibly the best known site on this list, Wix offers a completely free plan, which is particularly good for creating and testing how the site will look. However, in order to have access to your own domain, you must subscribe to the paid plan.

One of the best platforms for anyone who wants to create a blog or a website with their own domain, is truly complete and customizable. However, for you to be able to use it, certain programming knowledge is required, which may be inaccessible to those who do not already know or do not want to have to take online courses to learn.

Finally, Zyro is the most recommended platform to have the website. Like Wix, it offers a completely free plan, but to get your domain you have to have a paid plan, which is much cheaper (and better) than the competitor's. In addition, it has its own slogan and logo generator and a lot of help with optimization.

3. What is Zyro?

the best platform for anyone who wants to easily learn how to create a website. It offers you all the best tools enabling this together with 24h support for its users in order to solve any problem they have.

It works for projects of any scale, whether you are the owner of a small market or a national company, Zyro makes it possible to create the perfect website for your brand.

What is Zyro? How to create a website with your own domain

Why use it?

There are a number of prayers for which we recommend anyone who wants to learn how to create a website with their own domain to use Zyro. It has the easiest way to create websites, extremely powerful, allows anyone to use it and does not require knowledge of programming or design.

In it, you will find several templates made by professional designers, which will help even more in the creation of your website with simplicity. It also, of course, allows you to create from scratch, without using any of the models offered. The editing process is quite simple, just drag and drop the elements to configure the appearance.

It has a proprietary AI writer that automatically generates texts for your website, but that unfortunately only works in English.

The sites created on this platform load very fast, which helps a lot in getting new visitors and keeping old visitors, since no one will want to wait for minutes of loading.

Everything that is produced on the Zyro optimized for smartphones, preventing that annoying situation of the user (or you) suffering when trying to browse the site, either due to bad adaptation or simply not having any adaptation at all.

Your website will be optimized by Zyro himself, helping you to save time in creation. With that, it will appear on all search engines more quickly.

It also offers an SSL certificate for its users, which helps in the security of the website, in addition to having its own hosting for everyone who uses the platform, even in the free plan.

What plans are offered?

At Zyro, you will find three different plans, but only two of which are feasible for those who want to create a website with their own domain, in addition to expanding their website.

They are the plan Free, at no cost, the Basic, with a monthly cost of 1.99 dollars and Unlimited, which costs $ 3.49 per month.

At theFree the bandwidth and storage offered is only 500 MB. In addition, it does not allow the use of its own domain, being impossible for those who are reading this article, it has advertisements and several other restrictions.

O Basic guarantees access to everything you find inFree and inUnlimited, with the only difference from the most expensive plan being the limitation of only 10 GB of bandwidth and storage.

Finally, in the Unlimited you have no advertisements, you have access to Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, you can connect your own domain and, best of all, you have no bandwidth or storage limitations!

What plans are offered? How to create a website with your own domain

4. How to use Zyro to create a website?

The time has come to teach you exactly how to create a website with your own domain to be able to work over the internet and make extra income using Zyro.

Create account

The first step is to create your account. To do this, follow the link to the official website. On the home page, click Join Zyro in the upper right corner to be redirected to the screen where to choose if you prefer to register with your email address, connecting to your Google or Facebook account.

Create account

If you have chosen to use your email when registering, you must create a strong password for the account, type your name and click"Create an account" to finish. If you do not want to receive emails from Zyro, remember to uncheck the box that says I would like to be added to the Zyro mailing list.

Creating the first website

When you finish creating your account, you will come across a screen welcoming you and offering you help in creating your first website. To follow, just click'Start".

Creating the first website How to create a website with your own domain

On the selection screen you are on, you can choose the template for your site, from among the various options offered. Choose what you think best fits what you want to do with the site. Clicking "Prvia", you can get an idea of ??how it looks on desktop browsers or smartphones. If you liked it, now click on?Start creating?.

Template How to create a website with your own domain

Website editor

The next step on how to create a website with your own domain is to learn how to use the platform editor. Through it, you can drag all the existing elements or add new ones as you wish. This can be done using the various tools that Zyro has.

There are several types of edits, such as repositioning elements by clicking and dragging, editing text by clicking on the element and in"Edit Text", editing sections by clicking?Edit Section?to choose the background color or image and more.

It is also possible to add new sections and resize existing ones, in addition to adding new elements, such as texts, buttons, videos, images or maps. Next to the element addition bar is the page manager, where you can add new ones.

elements and pages How to create a website with own domain

On the right of the page is the?AI writer?, which automatically generates new texts for your site using some guidelines. As mentioned before, it works only in English, being almost useless for anyone who wants to undertake or make extra income here in Brazil.

When you want to see how the site looks and how it works, click on the"Preview"at the top right corner. You will see the version for browsers and, when you click on the smartphone icon, you will see the version for Android devices or for iPhone.

Choosing the domain

Essential for those who want to create a website with their own domain, the process of choosing a domain is certainly more difficult than it seems. The domain is the name of your brand on the internet accompanied by an extension such as "", ".com", ".net" or ".org".

Each extension has different meanings: the ? known as ccTLD (country code top-level domain, or country code top domain) and indicates that the site is Brazilian.

J .com, .net and .org are known as gTLD (generic top-level domain) and do not indicate nationality, being international.

To choose, you can use in the case of domains with ? On this site, you can not only check availability but also buy. Now, if you want an international extension, Zyro himself offers domains for you to buy!

It is highly recommended that you follow the following guidelines when choosing and purchasing a domain:

  • It must be simple, short and easy to remember;
  • You cannot have two identical letters together, as in ?, since this confuses a lot in reading;
  • Do not use long names like ? Instead, choose ?;
  • Do not use trademarks in your domain, such asFacebook,Google,AppleorMicrosoft.

Publishing the site

Now that you have finished creating a website and have your own domain for it, just publish it. At the top of the screen, click the button that says?Publish Website? to put it in the air. A window will open and you must choose the option below to add the domain without "".

There, your website is now published!

And, what did you think of our complete guide on how to create a website with your own domain?

Tell us what you think of the guide, saying if you already knew Zyro or if we introduce you to him. Don't forget to also check out our tutorial on how to choose the ideal digital bank for you and the complete guide on how to make extra income online.