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Five news coming soon to Facebook shown at F8 2018 | Social networks

The F8, Facebook's annual developer conference, took place this week in California, United States. As usual, the event showed news and updates on the company's next steps. Concerns about user privacy and a tool for Tinder-style relationships are among the highlights. Check out, below, the main advertisements of Mark Zuckerberg for the social network.

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Mark Zuckerberg presented keynote at F8 2018 Photo: Divulgao / FacebookMark Zuckerberg presented keynote at F8 2018 Photo: Divulgao / Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg presented keynote at F8 2018 Photo: Divulgao / Facebook

After recent polemics involving data collection from users, Facebook said it would take steps to better protect people's privacy. Clear History is one of them. The feature will allow viewing of sites and applications that send information to the network when they are used. This practice is associated with pages and apps that use tools like the Like button and Facebook Analytics.

The user will have the option to disable storage and erase the data already saved. In this way, Facebook can continue to use the information to provide statistical analysis to third parties, however, it will no longer keep the data identifying the account that gave rise to them. The launch of Clear History is still a few months away.

Another tab to be added to the social network application: Groups. The idea is to separate the content of the groups from the others that today appear together in the news feed. This facilitates navigation and interaction in the groups in which the user already participates, in addition to helping him to discover new groups. The change will be available to everyone this year.

Zuckerberg's company is developing a feature for flirting and relationships, like the famous Tinder app, within Facebook itself. Rest assured: people will be able to create a dating profile separate from the normal profile and what is done in this tool will not be displayed to their friends. Suggested suitors will also not be users already added as friends.

Dating preferences, similar interests and mutual friends will be the basis for the network to match. It will also be possible to search for people through groups and events. The dating feature will be put into testing this year.

Dating tool one of the F8 ads Photo: Divulgao / FacebookDating tool one of the F8 ads Photo: Divulgao / Facebook

Dating tool one of the F8 ads Photo: Divulgao / Facebook

Announced in 2017, Crisis Response is an information center on recent crises, including access to Safety Check, Community Help and Fundraisers – incident response tools. it is a way to help the circulation of information, especially among friends and family, when there is a major accident, an attack or a natural disaster, among other problems.

The novelty, which will be launched at the end of the year, is a space for users affected by a crisis to share relevant information in real time, such as photos of events and alerts on closed streets, for example.

5. Developer Community

Facebook said it is perfecting its policies and programs for the developer community. The application review process will be reopened. According to the social network, changes were made to expand the process and ensure more value, transparency and reliability for each of the APIs.

Everything Facebook knows about you

Everything Facebook knows about you