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Filters app has more than 800 ways to transform your photos

If you are still not happy with the dozens / hundreds of application options specifically created to ?spruce up? your photos, know that this week you painted another one on the App Store.

Filters for iPhone and iPad app icon

You don't take pictures with Filters, you transform them. Filters has more than 800 ways to transform your photos, including movie re-creations vintage fully adjustable authentic, hand painted textures, vibrant colored gel overlays, special multi-effect settings (Shine, Luna, Color Boost, Intimidate and Smart Fade), as well as standard adjustment tools such as brightness, contrast, color temperature, exposure and more. All features are included with nothing extra to pay.

The differential of the app, without a doubt, the many possibilities it offers. In addition, everything is presented in a very beautiful and lively interface.

Mike Rundle, creator of the app, said he is not a professional photographer, but a photography enthusiast who has used most of the famous photo editing apps we see around. After all these "tests", Rundle found that none offered a complete experience. So he spent a year and a half designing and creating Filters, working directly with professional artists, painters and photographers from around the world to assemble an app with a variety of tools and filters never seen before.

In total there are more than 500 filters in 5 different categories (Vintage, Monochromatic, Dramatic, Cool and Warm), more than 300 overlays and various effects (including the 5 special multi-effect settings mentioned in the description).

For those who do not give up an effect on the photos, it's another great option!

(via 9to5Mac)