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App takes into account the current traffic condition to wake you up at the right time

How many times have you been pissed off because you woke up, got ready to run and took a totally free path to work, getting there a few minutes before they could have been so well used to sleep a little more? Or worse: how many times have you been late for a meeting due to an unexpected traffic jam?

The idea of ??the application wp solve precisely these problems.

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With wp, you set your alarm clock as follows: indicate the time you want to arrive at your destination, the exact place you are going to and how long you need to get ready and leave from the time you wake up. Okay, now just let the app wake you up at the right time.

As the video above explains, the wp constantly checks the current traffic condition so that you don't have any surprises along the way. And you can, directly from the wp, plot your route through Waze or Google Maps.

Of course the thing is not perfect, after all, the traffic can change completely * while * you are getting ready to leave. But, in general, he can be a good ally in your day-to-day. Just be sure to leave the app open and running on the iPhone when you go to sleep, preferably with the device connected to power.