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How does trust in the world of technology companies translate in times of pandemic?

The most recent report from the Edelman Trust Barometer, made available in Portugal by EDC, reveals that, in times of pandemic, there is a growing sense of inequality undermining confidence in institutions. The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are having an impact on confidence levels and the relationship between organizations and their employees.

The study of knowing that, although technology continues to be the sector with the highest level of confidence, standing at around 75%, it was the one that showed the biggest global fall, especially in countries like France, Canada , Italy, Singapore, Russia and the United States. To understand how the question of trust translates in times of pandemic in the world of technological companies, SAPO TEK spoke with Frederico Rocha, partner of EDC, and with Alexandre Silveira, Marketing Manager at HP.

To SAPO TEK, Frederico Rocha indicated that, in face of the pandemic, there are different behaviors in the two segments of the Information Technologies market. B2C (Business to Consumer) is shrinking spending momentarily in the face of fear of the unknown and of what may be yet to come. B2B (Business to Business) on the other hand will have to continue to follow.

Frederico Rocha said that although companies are now more careful when it comes to spending, it does not mean that they are not investing. There will have to be a change in investment to accommodate, for example, the new reality of remote work in order to ensure productivity. The EDC partner further clarified that the pandemic has demystified the concept of work from home, stating that, on returning to normal, companies will face remote work differently.

J Alexandre Silveira, Marketing Manager at HP, told SAPO TEK that the results of the Edelman Trust Barometer report did not jeopardize the confidence of consumers in the technology area, nor of companies. Traditionally, consumer behavior when purchasing technology involves resorting to a specialist in the area, be it the store salesman, the enthusiastic friend, the technology blog or the unboxing on YouTube, revealed Alexandre Silveira.

Like Frederico Rocha, HP's Marketing Manager indicated that technology brands are no exception and will feel the impact of the evolution of the economy in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there is a high demand in certain categories of the technology area to meet the consumers' need to find solutions for work or school at home, Alexandre Silveira explained that, in the medium term, the behavior of the economy will impact companies and condition consumers. its communication businesses and investments.

What to reserve the future post-pandemic?

While considering that it is still too early to anticipate the trends that will emerge after the pandemic, HP's Marketing Manager highlighted the new skills of mobility and remote collaboration quickly acquired by workers and students. This generation will shorten the vision of a more mobile, collaborative, flexible and more willing society with technology for many years and this will condition in a good way the way people relate to and consume technology.

For Frederico Rocha, the growing bet on digital will be one of the trends that will mark the post-pandemic future. The EDC Partner stated that companies that have been forced, for example, to migrate to the new territory of online sales will intensify their investments in e-commerce. In addition, at the business level, the bet on digital can intensify sectors such as cybersecurity, hosting and communications between companies.