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Facebook Messenger gains Zoom functions and video call with 50 people

In addition to the Messenger Rooms with 50 people on video call, the company announced other news for Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp

O Facebook presented in this month the Messenger Rooms (or Messenger Rooms). This is a new feature that allows you to create groups and video chat with up to 50 friends at the same time. It works as a group of videos, where anyone can watch, even those who do not have an account on the social network. As explained by Facebook, O Messenger Rooms arriving in some countries soon, but the list of regions has not been revealed.

The company explains that the resource can be used to organize celebrations, spend time with friends, or create a reading club. O Messenger Rooms arrives during the boom of live streams on social networks due to isolation. The platform is also another option for users and will compete directly with the zoom, Skype, Google Meet, among others.

With privacy scandals involving the zoom, and also as a strategy to already have a large user base, the Facebook is launching several video call features for the Messenger. In addition to the messaging service, the company announced updates for the Instagram it's the Whatsapp. Check out the news shared and see how to make video calls with more people.

How Messenger Rooms works

Messenger Rooms screensFacebook is launching Messenger Rooms

It is now possible to create video call rooms on Messenger or Facebook and invite people to participate. The objective of the Facebook allow the user to create video call rooms to include up to 50 participants. Unlike the Instagram, O Messenger Rooms have no time limit.

When the room is created, you can define who can see and participate, in addition to choosing whether the group will be open to anyone from the social network or private. When using the resource, the person will have access to the settings: to lock (for anyone to enter without authorization); remove a participant; block a participant; denounce; and get out (even if the room is locked, you can stop participating).

The organizer is able to share his room in the feed Facebook, in groups and events. In addition, the experience can be made even more fun with interactive Augmented Reality (AR) filters and new Artificial Intelligence (AI) features, such as a 360-degree backdrop.

To use the Messenger Rooms, there is no need to download the program: just use your own Facebook or Messenger through the application. Soon, the company announced that it will release the creation of rooms in the Whatsapp and Direct from Instagram.

For children, the Facebook is bringing to Brazil (and 70 other countries) the Messenger Kids. With the app (available for Android and iOS), little ones will have lives with friends and family in a totally playful environment. Parental controlled access.

Messenger KidsMessenger Kids arrived in Brazil

For lovers who cannot make dates, it is possible to keep the conversation with the partner thanks to the Facebook Dating. You just need to set up the conversation with the person on the app and then make a video call through the Messenger.

Video calls on WhatsApp with up to 8 people

WhatsApp 8 peopleThe company is allowing to create video calls on WhatsApp with 8 people

Another novelty announced was the improvement of video calls in the Whatsapp. The popular messenger has been offering video calls for a while and soon, be livable do them with up to eight participants. O Facebook points out that the function remains secure (end-to-end encryption) even with more people participating.

The company did not share when the function is available, but the possibility of video calls with up to eight people should arrive in the latest version of the app for Android and iOS soon.

Facebook and Instagram get video news

O Facebook is bringing the function back Live With (or live with, in a free translation), where you can have lives with other people. The tool generally used to interview experts, celebrities, among others.

The events of the Facebook can now be marked as online and, for this, the company is making available in the coming days the Facebook Live, for you to do your live streams. To help content creators and small businesses, the organizer will have the option of charging people for live access.

Live on FacebookFacebook is getting a series of news for you to make lives on the platform

For gamers, the social network recommends using the platform Facebook Gaming (the application is only available for Android). In it, users follow their favorite streamers, among other activities.

Thinking about the number of people online due to social isolation, during lives, you can disable the video display and activate only the audio. The resource will be useful in those moments when your internet is unstable.

Finally, the Instagram gained significant news. From now on, it is available to watch Instagram lives via computer. Thus, the user will be able to follow the transmissions on a larger screen and do other activities at the same time (via cell phone). In addition, through the PC, you can comment on lives.

The second novelty has to do with the availability of live content. Before, it was allowed to leave it for 24 hours on Stories. Now, you can also save the video on IGTV so that everyone can watch at another time.

Instagram Live on PCNow it is possible to see Instagram lives on PC

The news announced by Facebook must be released in the next few days. Just as the Google, the Mark Zuckerberg takes advantage of the increased use of platforms to improve and keep users active. This happens mainly after the Zoom Meetings winning 100 million accounts during the crisis of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

With the pandemic, the Facebook felt the demand increase in all its digital services. Daily 700 million users of the Messenger It's from Whatsapp make calls, the company said. In some countries, video viewing on these platforms has increased significantly. The same happened in March Facebook and in Instagram Live.

Source: Facebook; ITPro.