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Looking for a discreet case or an external 10,000mAh battery? The MM Store has it!

More news day at MM Store!

Our online store is almost two years old, but we continue with the same intentions from the beginning: a more personal / human approach, strict selection of products (always looking for high quality accessories) and a lot of respect for you, our customer ( distancing ourselves as much as possible from the poor service delivery model we usually see in Brazil).

Speaking specifically of the selection of products, it is very nice to be able to scan the market in search of great product options and meet new brands that come to fight on equal terms with some traditional ones in the market. And the ROCK one of them.

Because it is coming to MM Store with two products: a case and an external battery.

Origin Series Case


The Origins Series case is really amazing, as it is camouflaged with your cell phone and is available in the colors of the iPhone, a mixture of security maintaining the original design of your device. Only 0.8mm thick, it is undoubtedly a great option to protect your iPhone without changing the design too much, available in silver, space gray and gold.

This elegant case meets the highest standards with its aluminum finish, plus resistance to impacts from polycarbonate and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane, or thermoplastic polyurethane). These materials are applied in a ?sandwich? format, included in your case as follows: first part in aluminum, second part in TPU and the last part in polycarbonate, this being the one that accompanies the edge of the iPhone.

With a cut specially made for the camera, the flash and the Apple logo, when taking pictures you don't even have to worry when using the latest camera on your phone. And no longer need to hide what we Apple fans love most, right? Like any case, it helps a lot to protect the iPhone from possible drops, absorbing the impact.

For those who have never used covers or want something closer to the origin of the design, this is a great request.

ROCK Origin Series Case

Origin Series Case

Price: R $ 79.90Manufacturer: ROCKMaterials: aluminum, TPU and polycarbonateColors: space gray, silver and goldCompatibility: iPhones 6 / 6s

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Stone Power Bank

ROCK's Power Bank, made for those who use their portable devices a lot during the day and do not consider running out of battery. It is an advanced high-performance battery, with two USB ports, capable of recharging an iPhone and an iPad at the same time!

The accessory has an internal battery of 10,000mAh, capable of recharging your iPhone 6 / 6s up to four times! In addition, it has a fast charging system, adapting to the energy needs of your iGadget (ie, for iPhones it sends a certain charge; j for iPads, which need more, another one).

The soft-touch finish and metal band complement the design of the iDevice; maintaining its elegant appearance, the Power Bank has four charge indicator LEDs.

Taking it to places will also not be a problem, as it comes with a faux leather wallet that makes it easy to move around while recharging the devices.

Without a doubt, this accessory is an indispensable companion for those who carry many devices in their pocket / purse / backpack, often travel and / or hate to see their battery indicators below 10%.

Stone Power Bank, by ROCK

Stone Power Bank

Price: R $ 249.90Manufacturer: ROCKFeature: 10,000mAh battery; 2.4AColors: space gray, silver and goldCompatibility: iPods, iPhones and iPads

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As promised, the news in the MM Store does not end here! By the end of the year we will have more launches and other surprises ?