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LG may supply 15-inch OLED screen for Apple notebook

LG OLED TVLG Electronics may be preparing to launch a 15-inch screen based on OLED technology that would be used for the first time by Apple, in a "new notebook" scheduled for June. what does the Australian website say Smarthouse. Only later, still in 2009, did it reach other models of monitors / televisions.

A senior executive at LG Display involved in the development of screen technologies for Apple said that "the first models will double, or perhaps even triple the price of an LCD panel, but it will drop over time", making its design more accessible.

Recently, an LG source in Asia "confirmed" that the next generation of Apple iPhones and laptops will even start to use OLED displays, which further corroborates this new rumor. It seems that the relationship between the two companies is very strong.

It is reported that, until mid-2010, LG will launch a 32-inch OLED TV for about $ 4,000. Today, an LCD equivalent costs $ 1,500.