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Learn how to use WhatsApp Web on PC and Mac

See how easy it is to install, activate and use the version of WhatsApp Web for the desktop with this simple step by step, for Windows or Mac computers

In addition to the mobile application, Whatsapp is available for notebooks and desktops. Known as WhatsApp Web, the tool has been around for a few years and makes users' lives much easier. To work, the option in the browser turns out to be more practical, but there are some caveats.

Unfortunately, you are unable to open multiple chats in multiple browser tabs. This option on the computer only mirrors the information existing in your smartphone application. Therefore, you need to be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, or mobile internet on the computer and smartphone at the same time, for the Web version to work properly.

Still, the function brings interesting features, allowing the sending of text messages, audio and files. O WhatsApp Web works on virtually all browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera and in Microsoft Edge. We have prepared a complete guide with the entire step by step to get you started using the WhatsApp Web on the PC, in addition to other available options. Check out the below.

WhatsApp Web

The most sought procedure for using the messenger outside the smartphone, by the browser. This can be done very easily and the same step by step for those using a machine with Windows and macOS (Mac).

Step 1: enter your notebook or desktop browser (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari or Microsoft Edge) and access the address:;

Page with QR Code to access WhatsApp WebPage with QR Code

Step 2: v at the application Whatsapp on your smartphone. Touch the settings option (gear, for those who use iPhone). In case you have Android, just click on the three dots located in the upper right corner. That done, you just need to click on the menu WhatsApp Web / Computer. On page, there is the step by step for you to connect;

Step 3: still in the application, press Scan QR code. Note that on the page there is a QR Code (right). for it that you will sync the app and start using the WhatsApp Web;

Mobile phone pointing to the QR Code of WhatsApp WebPoint the camera at the scanner to connect WhatsApp Web

Step 4: finally, you only need to point the camera at the QR Code and ready, WhatsApp released for use on the computer.

WhatsApp for Desktop

Whatsapp desktopWhatsApp for desktop has the same look as the web version

In addition to the above option, you can download an exclusive application for notebook or desktop (Mac or Windows). O WhatsApp for Desktop it has the same limitations as the web version, that is, to use it, you need to be connected to the internet on both devices (cell phone and computer). In addition, it only mirrors the information that is in the smartphone app. Here's how to download and access:

Page to download the WhatsApp programPage to download the WhatsApp program

Step 1: visit and in the option Download WhatsApp for Mac or Windows PC, click on the green button to download;

Step 2: in a few minutes, the program will be installed on your machine. Once you're done, just log in with the QR Code in a similar way to WhatsApp Web and you're done. Whatsapp connected to the program.

See the video on the channel below Showmetech at the YouTube, showing this step-by-step:

Other alternatives to access WhatsApp on your computer

WhatsApp Desktop for Windows WhatsApp Desktop for Windows

For computer users Windows, another alternative to download via Microsoft Store, in your computer. The operation does not change at all compared to the options listed above and the procedure for accessing it (follow the typical WhatsApp for Desktop walkthrough). An addendum is worth: Microsoft Store, the application can be found as WhatsApp Desktop.

If for any reason you are looking for another option besides those mentioned here (Mac only), there is the program BetterChat. It is not an official Whatsapp, but capable of mirroring the information in the web version.

BetterChat from WhatsApp for MacBetterChat for Mac

After installing on your Mac, the way to start using it follows that of WhatsApp Web: on your smartphone, go to Settings / Settings> WhatsApp Web> scan the QR Code. With it, you can send audio, take photos, capture videos, activate dark mode (in English) and silent mode (follow the step by step of the typical WhatsApp for Desktop to access).

Attention: o BetterChat a paid app and costs $ 1.99 on Mac App Store (R $ 10.70, making the conversion).

How to disconnect WhatsApp on your computer

important to disconnect the Whatsapp when we leave shared computers, to prevent someone curious from seeing your messages. To disconnect the WhatsApp Web, you can follow the tips below:

Tip 1: In the upper left corner of the WhatsApp Web you will find an option with three dots. Click on it and then select Get out. Ready, to enter again, just do the previous procedure by scanning the QR Code.

Option to exit WhatsApp WebOption to exit WhatsApp Web

Tip 2: Are you not sure if you disconnected WhatsApp from a computer? Another existing option comes out of all browsers previously connected to your account. Whatsapp. This procedure can be done as follows:

Step 1: accessing the application Whatsapp;

Step 2: v in settings (iPhone) or three dots (Android), click the menu WhatsApp Web / Computer;

Step 3: click in Log out of all sessions. Finally, confirm the action.

WhatsApp Web does not work

As we saw earlier, the WhatsApp Web it can be mirrored in a few minutes and there are no complexities to do this. However, it may not work due to a lack of connection to the internet. Make sure that both the cell phone and the computer / notebook are connected to the internet. When there is a connection problem, the WhatsApp Web alert with the message: Phone disconnected.

Connection problem on WhatsApp WebConnection problem on WhatsApp Web

Another common mistake when the application Whatsapp does not have authorization to access the smartphone camera. This makes it impossible to scan the QR Code and connect the messenger to the PC. To resolve, just go to your phone settings / settings, in apps, click Whatsapp and activate so that the app has access to the phone's camera.

What you can do with WhatsApp Web

As Whatsapp Web (and also in the Desktop version) you have practically all the functions of the application on your phone:

  • Chat with friends (single / private chat) and in groups;
  • Send text, audio, files, emojis, gifs and stickers (figurines, in Portuguese) in conversations;
  • Create groups;
  • View archived conversations, favorite messages and status
  • Set up notifications, conversation wallpaper, blocked contacts and access help;
  • Change profile photos, edit name and update status.

And what is not possible to do? Well, it is not possible to make audio and video calls with WhatsApp Web or Desktop. As the system works only by mirroring the application on the smartphone, it is not possible to establish an audio and video transmission in real time.

Download WhatsApp

Check below the links to download the Whatsapp on all platforms, and also the link to the WhatsApp Web:

See how easy it is? Which of the options listed here do you use most? Tell us here comments.