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See another iPhone 4G concept and… an iPhone tablet? :-P

The first was not meant to be a joke, but it is still funny, because I am so ?equipped? that I laugh at imagining someone presenting a concept like that to Steve Jobs (super like him, hehe):

iPhone 4G Concept

a very dubious discussion: functionality vs. simplicity. There are those who would love an iPhone like the one above, but the way Apple renews and adds technology / features is certainly not the one.

The other was posted on Flickr by rgt ayl in December last year, but is now just running around: one mockup iPhone 4G mixed with Apple tablet, how about?

iPhone 4G tablet

The product would come with an 80GB or 120GB flash drive, 8 megapixel camera, video recording, Adobe Flash Player and a 1540 × 480 pixel resolution screen at 163ppi. Never available soon.